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Get the Keys to Your Dream Home

Heidi's extensive experience and instinctive sense of what sells, what rents, what works and what doesn't is an invaluable asset in making your sale or purchase as successful as possible. She prides herself on providing fantastic guidance to her clients and customers, making the process of buying, selling & leasing manageable, profitable and fun!

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Family Viewing House


Selling a property entails a lot more than just putting a sign out front or placing an ad. From advising you about price and preparing your home for showing (see "Staging Services") to listing, marketing, showing, contract preparation and closing Heidi utilizes her expertise and professional resources to assure that your sale goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Learn how to sell, sell now & sell for more by staging!



Most real estate agents working for the buyer (known as a "Buyer's Agent") will do their best to see that their client gets the home they want at the lowest price possible - that's their job. But Heidi takes the long view, going the extra mile to assure that her client is happy about their purchase long after closing ends. She gets to know you, the buyer, your likes, dislikes, living and working habits and all of the things that make a home so much more than bricks and mortar. She helps you see past the paint and concerns herself as much with the quality of the neighborhood, proximity to shops, parks and how the home fits into your lifestyle as much as the soundness of the foundation and insulation value of the windows. Heidi uses instinct as much as experience in helping you find a home that you will be happy in for as long as you live there.

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